Age 30: a Ghanaian Engineer

Age 30: a Ghanaian Engineer

Assessing Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals at Age 30: Evaluating a Ghanaian Engineer’s Eligibility for Japan’s Points-Based System


Meet Kofi: a 30-year-old Ghanaian engineer with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree, 10 years of experience, and zero Japanese language skills. He also earns an annual salary of over 5 million yen.

Point Calculation

Academic Background: Master’s degree or higher: 20points

Age: 30-34 years old: 10 points

Japanese Language Ability: Cannot speak Japanese at all: 0 points

Work Experience: 10 or more years of experience as an engineer: 20 points
Experience in advanced field: Recognized as engaged in computer science: 10 points Possession of Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification: 5 points
→ Total: 35points

Annual Income: 500万円 or more: 15 points

Total points: 80 points

Point Breakdown

Kofi cannot speak Japanese, which makes him ineligible as a Highly Skilled Professional or a candidate in demand by Japanese industries unPoint Breakdownder Japan’s Highly Skilled Foreign Professional (HSFP) system.
However, Kofi can still be evaluated as an applicant with advanced knowledge or skills under the HSFP points-based system.
In this blog post, we’ll explore Kofi’s eligibility and the HSFP points system in more detail.

The Highly Skilled Foreign Professional (HSFP) system in Japan categorizes applicants into three types:

  1. Advanced academic research activities – Highly Skilled Professional (Highly Skilled Professionals)
  2. Advanced specialized/technical activities – Highly Skilled Professional(Those with advanced knowledge or skills)
  3. Advanced business and management activities – Highly Skilled Professional(Those who are in demand by Japanese industries)

For a 30-year-old Ghanaian who has obtained a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree and has worked as an engineer for 10 years, he or she falls under the category of those with advanced knowledge or skills. However, since the person cannot speak Japanese, he or she does not qualify as a Highly Skilled Professional or a candidate in demand by Japanese industries.

Therefore, the 30-year-old Ghanaian will be evaluated based on the points system as an applicant with advanced knowledge or skills(2.Advanced specialized/technical activities – Highly Skilled Professional).
The points system determines whether an applicant will be granted preferential treatment under the HSFP system.

Details regarding preferential Immigration Control and Residency Management treatment

  1. Multiple activities allowed under one status of residence
  2. A maximum duration of stay of 5 years
  3. Relaxation of requirements for permanent residency based on duration of stay
  4. Permission for spouse to work
  5. Permission for parents to accompany the applicant under certain conditions
  6. Permission for domestic workers to accompany the applicant under certain conditions
  7. Priority processing for immigration and residency procedures

These are the preferential treatment measures provided for in immigration control for this status.

Please note that the point evaluation process involves various factors and a detailed review is required for actual application, so please consider this as a rough estimate!