Comparison Self-employment vs. Employee for renting

Comparison Self-employment vs. Employee for renting

Comparing Expenses for Foreigners: Employee vs. Employer(housing costs)

In Tokyo, housing costs vary greatly depending on the location and type of property.
As a general guideline, the following price ranges apply:

  • 1K (one room): 80,000 yen($800) to 150,000yen($1,500)
  • 1DK (one bedroom with dining kitchen): 120,000 yen($1,200) to 250,000 yen($2,500)
  • 1LDK (one living room, one bedroom, and dining kitchen): 200,000 yen($2,000) to 400,000 yen($4,000)

While self-employed individuals are responsible for the full cost of their housing, employees may have the option to live in company housing for a self-contribution of around 20,000 yen per month.

Additionally, many companies provide housing subsidies of around 20,000 yen per month to their employees.

For example, Fujitsu Japan Solutions Tokyo Limited


  • 賃貸住宅に入居する社員に対し、毎月の給与と合わせて支給。

provides monthly housing allowances to employees living in rental housing, with maximum amounts of 40,000 yen for employees with dependents and 30,000 yen for single employees.